Friday, May 22, 2009

I ran for an hour

I ran for an hour without stopping today.

Pros: I did it. I could do more. I could do a lot more if I was hydrating and eating along the way
Cons: My feet hurt.

Side note: Ran in these

In swimming news - I'm up to a mile nonstop in the pool. I did 41 laps 2 weekends ago. Similar to running, I was fine, but starving.

I think I need to figure out what to eat that will provide energy but not jack my stomach in knots.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

not so huge of accomplishments

So, it's good for me to keep track of what happens (biking, weight, eating, etc) so i can go back and see what worked, what didn't, etc.

A couple things I wanted to do this year

1- bike a lot more at my aerobic pace... 150-160bpm with only surges above it, not extended efforts. If everyone else is going faster, that's fine, I need to build base.
2- because of the above, I shouldn't need to take in as much food while biking (aerobic exercise can burn fat for fuel--going anerobic can't). this is cheaper(carrying water), easier, and should help train my body to burn fat for fuel.
3- have more fun biking (again, biking at a comfortable pace is more fun than going all balls to the wall every day)
4- weigh less. 2 summers ago i got down to 253 at the end of july. I want to beat that this year (under 250) and go into winter slimmer.

I was just on the scale (woot! good numbers) and by every measurement I'm beating 31 year old Matt -- weight, the amount of biking/running/swimming done this spring, distance i can swim nonstop, the size of clothes i'm wearing (i'm on belt notch 4-5 instead of 2-3).

The only place I'm not significantly ahead is running- but I'm still getting my feet/calves/achilles in shape for forefoot landing. It's gonna be a few more weeks of this before I start putting on distance running, but it'll be worth it having a more efficient, less pain running stride.